The design of a virtual store (also known as online store, online shop or electronic store) refers to a conventional trade using as the primary means a website for buying and selling products and services online. Today investment in the design of a Virtual Store is an insured benefit because the insured Internet shopping increases every day. If you do not want to stay out of the market, it is necessary to adapt to new ways of marketing offered by Internet before your competition does it.


Millions of people worldwide have access to the web, and you cannot ignore that number whatever their activity. You will have to integrate this Internet public and show them that you are interested in serving them; your competitor will be there doing it. 
Hand out business cards is part of every good meeting and every entrepreneur knows that any chance meeting may end in a "Great Operation". Imagine giving your business card to thousands, or millions of people to say: "We sell this, if we ever need us, you can contact us this way." You can do these 24 hours a day easily and for little money in web.
What we mean by saying this? Think of a printed phone book, it says what your schedule is? What you do? How they can contact you? Which payment methods you accept? Where is it? How to locate the nearest office? It shows some of your products? You would have to make an investment 4, 5, or 6 times higher than having a website.

Through the Internet, you can effectively and fully automatically control customer service, will be able to answer their questions without mobilizing your staff or recommend a product without having to bring it to the client as on your Web site you will have pictures with a detailed description of it.

Media is going to be more interested in running a virtual site than in the opening of a new office and, if the media gives you space, you will receive online visits of people who otherwise would not get.

Sometimes you have information not to disclose before certain time; Earnings for the quarter, the grand prize winner, the news of a merger, for example. Now you can control the timing of the disclosure, and deliver all the extra material such as photos, videos and texts at the right time!

Many people think that this is the first thing to do on the Internet, but we put this point at number 7 of which is clear that we think that before selling to have to do all what is said above and perhaps other things on this list. Before people decide to buy, they want to know about you, what you do and what do you offer and then, upon learning about your products and services, they will contact you.

Your products can be great, but people need to see in action or hear it to appreciate it. On the Web you can add sound and movement and offer special features at low cost, no printed catalog or folding can do that.

The demographics of the Web User is the highest that can be obtained in the mass market. Users are professionals or university students, with good salary or perspectives of having it; today many people search on the web first, before going out to find anywhere in the city.
Companies that have customer service spend lots of time answering always the same questions, now think if your company does not have this service, the secretary or someone else from your company will have to do this function while making his own work, there are things people want to know before they buy something. Put them on your website and another barrier to sales will be removed.

Your sellers out of the office may require the latest information to make a sale or close a deal. When you send information by means of on the web site, they can use it at any time outside the company.

With a web site, you can engage in dialogue with someone from another country as you do with the business on the corner.

Trying to keep in touch with people in different time zones is a problem. The Web serves the customer 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Sometimes the information changes even before reaching the lithography. Electronic publishing may change with the speed you need. No paper, no ink, no printing.

Your brochure, catalog or magazine did not cause the number of calls and sales that you would expect, but do not know what went wrong, with your website you will be able to ask people their opinion and get an instant answer (on your email).

From the Website is very easy to ask customers their opinions about the product, more easily and with less cost than be any other medium.

Any aspect of a business needs to make disclosure in media. The media is the most connected profession today, its main product is information, and if you get it "online" it is faster, easier and cheaper.

If your market is education, remember that many universities and some colleges already offer Internet access to their students. Books, shoes, study courses, youth fashion and anything else that sells to the market under 25 are items you can easily promote through your Website site.

Do you sell art reproductions or flying lessons? no matter how specialized are your products, with millions of Web users, even more finely defined groups of interest are represented in large numbers.

As the world expands Internet access, many cities have " shopping guide pages or sites " to redirect users when they do their searches to pages of different restaurants, museums, Hardware Stores, Bars, and Cosmetic Clinics other business in the city. If you want to be there, you should have a website.


Is there anything else we can say or add on this subject of the fascinating world of the Internet? We are sure you will find your own reasons to belong to this guild. This list is just the beginning of what you can achieve now, think .... some mean s offers more?


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